Catching up with David Perron

ST. LOUIS – David Perron has expended virtually all his NHL occupation to be a member with the St. Louis Blues, which could appear for a shock considering the fact that he is been away for that past 3 a long time.Because staying traded to Edmonton soon after the 2012-13 year, Perron has also played to the Pittsburgh Penguins plus the Anaheim Ducks.On July 1, Perron signed a two-year, $7.five million deal to return to St. Louis, exactly where it all commenced. Some things have modified, although some have stayed the exact same.We caught up with Perron at the start of coaching camp to find out what’s new. Below is our full Q&A. BLUES: First of all, it’s good to see you again. What does it feel like to be returning to St. Louis where everything started?PERRON: It feels natural be here. I was here six decades and I was only gone for 3 seasons. It’s nice to be back, just driving around town and seeing familiar faces. In that regard, it’s still the exact same. Similar management, identical head coach. I performed with six or seven of these guys, and then there are other guys I played with in other organizations like Robert Bortuzzo. It’s nice, for sure.BLUES: It’s probably great coming to a city that you’re already familiar with. You don’t need anyone to show you how to get to the practice rink or to Scottrade Center or even help you uncover a place to live.PERRON: Yeah and even the practices are still very similar to what I’m used to with Hitch. Right now, there are still a lot of guys on the World Cup, so I can even be a leader as far as going first in line and showing the younger guys how to do their drills. It’s nice.BLUES: How is David Perron different from the one we last saw in the 2012-13 season. We understand that you’re a Carl Gunnarsson Jersey dad now!PERRON: I’m 3 several years older, that’s the biggest thing, and I’ve got more experience in life. I have a kid, Mason, who is 14 months old, and that definitely changes your life in a good way. Your summers are different because you spend more time with your family. Right now, I get up early and I play with him before practice, and then I can come home and spend some time with him immediately after practice when he wakes up Tony Twist Jersey from his afternoon nap. Days are flying by, and we’re lucky we get to spend a lot of time with our family in the summers. Every day, he’s doing something new and it’s nice to see.BLUES: Fourteen months. Mason ought to be lacing up the skates pretty soon.PERRON: He is already crawling around with hockey sticks in his hands. If there’s a ruler on the floor in the house, he picks it up and plays like it’s a hockey stick. He sees me play in the summer, and coming to games, he’s going to get a good feel for what hockey is. Certainly if I can influence him a little bit to love the game, that would be nice for me. It’d be awesome to see. Summer is almost here so it’s time for a bike tune up and be ready to hit the road soon :) #Mason #9months+ #poul De retour magog pour l’t #lacmemphremagogA photo posted by David Perron (@dp_57) on May 8, 2016 at seven:04pm PDTBLUES: Given that you were traded to Edmonton, you’ve performed with some big-time skill players. Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin in Pittsburgh and even Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry in Anaheim. What do you learn from playing with those guys?PERRON: You learn something different from all of them. Those guys in Edmonton performed with a lot of speed and skill. Playing with Crosby, it’s pretty similar, but you see how much time he puts into his game to be a good player. Getzlaf, that guy is another world-cla s player that plays differently than the others. He grinds it out, it’s all about puck-po se sion. For me, for my style of game, it was a good fit in that regard. That’s the guy I learned the most from – how he showed me to be patient with the puck and never panic. If you make mistakes, just turn the page and keep going, because if you stop playing, the coaches aren’t going to play you. He wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, but he was certainly making a lot of good plays out there.BLUES: We know you like a skilled offensive player with great hands. Do you feel like your game has evolved a lot given that then?PERRON: I think I’m more well-rounded. When I first got here, I think people thought I would be just an offensive guy only, that I’d score goals and that’s all I did. But that wasn’t true. You want to be an offensive guy, but you want to do the best job you can to get the most ice time po sible and score some goals, but I think you learn pretty quick with the NHL level that you have to play both sides with the game. Even when I went to Edmonton, I was leaned on a bit more in that regard because of how many guys they had that were younger and maybe had the mentality I had before. I kept evolving, and playing with Getzlaf, it didn’t matter if it was a minute that we needed a goal or that we needed to not get scored on, they Ivan Barbashev Jersey would put my line on the ice. I grew a lot of confidence there and I think I was impacting the game every night. Whether you play 12 minutes or 22 minutes a night, you have to feel like you’re making a difference out there.BLUES: What are your expectations entering a new period with the Blues?PERRON: For myself, I just want to join the group and make it a seamle s transition as far as how much succe s they had final year. I want to be a teammate exactly where guys feel when I’m on the ice, I can make a difference. I won’t put any numbers or stats out there, because that depends on a lot of factors. But for me, it’s to have succe s on the power play, have succe s on the team and everything else will fall into place. That’s my biggest goal. The team had a lot of succe s previous 12 months and you want to join the group and you don’t want people to realize there wasn’t that many changes. Just keep growing as an organization.

thirty Ideas: What’s delaying the NHL’s Olympic determination?

Despite the Olympic war of wordsGary Bettman within the GM conferences, David Backes and Jakub Voracek volleying backit Joonas Donskoi Jersey seemed achievable to get a temporary time last 7 days that there could be described as a breakthrough.There have been some rumours the NHLPA would comply with the 19-year-old draft (that has a first-round exception for 18-year-olds) in exchange for Olympic participation. Alas, it proved to become false hope, with various resources denying which was the situation. So, exactly where do we stand?The NHLPA is steadfast while in the perception it mustn’t need to surrender anything at all to go. The Olympics make a difference to your players, now an importantand appreciatedpart of currently being an expert hockey participant. With entrepreneurs like Ted Leonsis publicly revealing he will enable his stars go, the union feels it’s in a stronger bargaining situation.That would help it become seem to be the NHL is boxed right into a corner, however, if the commi sioner didn’t choose to go, the announcement would be done by now. So, what exactly are we expecting?There was intended being some form of Olympic discu sion while in the in close proximity to future, but that a sembly was cancelled Tim Heed Jersey for the conclude of past week. There is certainly nothing scheduled, as far as I understand.There were lots of rumours the players would refuse to engage in the Los Angeles/Vancouver exhibition video games subsequent season in China if Olympic participation wasn’t agreed to by now. As outlined by many resources, those online games are taking place no matter what occurs with South Korea. Which is the ideal final decision. Never cut off your nose to spite your deal with. I’m pro-Olympics, but when you really do not go, never harm other advancement likely. I have identified ahead of that 2014 participation wasn’t settled until July 2013. But, previous 7 days, a person source mentioned the handshake was in February and it took several months to finish the negotiation. This method isn’t similar to that just one.So there’s a lot of negativity. All over again, even though, I arrive again for the truth the commi sioner could have killed this already. He attempted to extend the CBA, which did not get the job done. What else is to choose from? This is often me speaking, but I ponder if it is the U.S. Tv deal. NBC signed a 10-year deal in April 2011. That ends right before the 2022 Beijing Winter season Olympics, a Games that should be demonstrated on NBC (That community owns the legal rights until finally 2032). I could see Bettman believing that NBC advantages through the NHLers staying there, just what exactly tangible gain could NBC supply in return? A brand new broadcast offer would certainly qualify. What I can’t inform you is how The Peacock feels with regard to the thought.It will be a huge victory for him, specifically as the income cap stagnates. It would not become a player conce sion, but a superb Tv offer eases that i sue. All over again, it’s only conjecture. But, if the gamers genuinely will not concede everything as well as the league is really serious about getting somethingdo the thing is an additional respond to?

Agenda Pastoral – Setembro de 2013

Dias 08 a 15 – Jubileu do Bom Jesus, capela do bairro Bom Jesus.

Dia 11 – Aniversário de ordenação sacerdotal de padre Wandinho.

Dias 18 e 19 – Formação sobre o Evangelho de São Lucas.

Dia 21 – Reunião de padres e leigos da Forania de Viçosa, 9h, paróquia Santa Rita de Cássia.

Dia 22 – Tarde de oração para catequistas, 14h às 18h, local a definir.

Dia 22 – Encontro de jovens rurais, a partir das 8h, comunidade São Francisco de Assis (Juquinha de Paula).

Dias 26 a 29 – V Fórum Social pela Vida, Piranga.

Dia 06 de outubro – Festa de São Francisco de Assis, 16h, Juquinha de Paula.

Agenda Pastoral Agosto de 2013

Dias 01 a 15 – Início do ano catequético – Visita às famílias dos catequizandos em todas as comunidades.

Dia 09 – Reunião dos coordenadores comunitários de catequese, às 19:30, comunidade de Fátima.

Dia 10 – Reunião com os crismandos do Setor Fátima, às 15:00, centro paroquial de pastoral.

Dia 11 – Reunião com os crismandos do Setor Nova Viçosa, às 15:00, igreja de Nova Viçosa.

Dia 16 – Início dos encontros catequéticos (a partir do dia 16), em todas as comunidades.

Dia 17 – Repasse da Semana de Formação para Catequistas (SERFORC), 09:00 às 15:00, igreja Matriz da paróquia São João Batista.

Dia 18 – Festa Sagrada Família, às 16:00, centro catequético.

Dia 18 – Chá dos dizimistas, às 18:00, comunidade Paraíso.

Dia 25 – Dia do Catequista em nível regional, Ponte Nova.

Dia 25 – Festa de São Bartolomeu, às 16:30, Palmital.

Dia 28 – Reunião da Dimensão Litúrgica, às 20:00, comunidade de Fátima.

Agenda Pastoral Maio de 2013

Fique atento às nossas atividades e participe!

Dias 04 a 13 – Novena e Festa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima.

Dia 25 – Reunião da Forania de Viçosa às 9h, paróquia São Silvestre.

Dia 26 – Formação missionária na comunidade Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Paraíso).

Agenda do mês de abril 2013

Dia 06 – Formação para catequistas do Setor Romão dos Reis, às 15h, capela Santa Luzia (Romão dos Reis).

Dia 07 – Formação sobre Ofício Divino das Comunidades do Setor Fátima, às 14h, centro de pastoral em Fátima.

Dia 07 – Capacitação da Pastoral da Criança, às 14h, centro de pastoral em Fátima.

Dia 07 – Formação Missionária, a partir das 8h, comunidade São Francisco de Assis (Juquinha de Paula).

Dia 11 – Reunião do Conselho Paroquial de Pastoral – CPP, às 19h, centro de pastoral em Fátima.

Dia 12 – Reunião dos coordenadores comunitários da catequese, às 19h30min, centro de pastoral em Fátima.

Dias 13 e 14 – Visita missionária na comunidade São Francisco de Assis (Juquinha de Paula).

Dia 14 – Tarde de oração para catequistas, das 14h às 18h, Sítio da Sofia.

Dia 17 – Reunião com os pais dos catequizandos, que farão a primeira comunhão do Setor Fátima, às 20h, centro de pastoral em Fátima.

Dia 21 – Reunião com os pais dos catequizandos que farão a primeira comunhão do Setor Romão dos Reis, 15h30min, capela Santa Luzia (Romão dos Reis).

Dia 24 – Reunião da Dimensão Litúrgica, às 20h, centro de pastoral em Fátima.

Dia 27 – Estudo para catequistas do Setor Nova Viçosa, das 15h às 17h, igreja de Posses.

Dia 28 – Reunião com os pais dos catequizandos, que farão a primeira comunhão do Setor Nova Viçosa, 15h30min, igreja de Nova Viçosa.

Agenda do mês de março 2013

Dias 01 a 07 – Reunião com os pais dos catequizandos. Informação sobre o dia, horário e local com as coordenadoras comunitárias da catequese.

Dia 08 – Reunião dos coordenadores comunitários da catequese, às 19:30, Centro de Pastoral em Fátima.

Dia 10 – Retiro espiritual, de 08:00 às 17:00. Inscrições na secretaria paroquial até o dia 07/03.

Dia 14 – Reunião do Conselho Paroquial de Pastoral (CPP), às 19:00, Centro de Pastoral em Fátima.

Dias 15 a 17 – Curso de Canto Pastoral. Maiores informações na secretaria paroquial

Dia 16 – Estudo para catequistas do Setor Fátima, às 14:00, Centro de Pastoral em Fátima.

Dias 16 a 22 – Setenário das Dores – Conferir programação específica.

Dias 23 a 30 – Semana Santa – Conferir programação específica.

Agenda do mês de fevereiro 2013

Dia 03 – Formação sobre Celebração da Palavra para membros da dimensão litúrgica, de 14:00 às 16:00, centro de pastoral de Fátima

Dia 05 – Reunião com os catequistas do programa Preparai o Caminho III (Crisma), às 20:30, centro de pastoral em Fátima

Dias 06 e 07 – Formação sobre a Campanha da Fraternidade 2013, de 19:00 às 22:00, Matriz de Fátima

Dia 08 – Reunião com as catequistas da etapa Vinde a Mim III (Acolhendo Jesus), às 19:30, centro de pastoral de Fátima

Dias 09 e 10 – Formação litúrgica (estudo do caderno de liturgia), de 15:00 às 17:00, centro de pastoral de Fátima

Dia 13 – Quarta-feira de Cinzas – Abertura da Campanha da Fraternidade 2013

Dia 14 – Reunião do Conselho Paroquial de Pastoral – CPP, às 19:00, centro de pastoral de Fátima

Dia 17 – Formação sobre o Ciclo Pascal – Setor Fátima, às 15:00, comunidade de Fátima

Dia 19 – Retorno das atividades catequéticas em todas as comunidades

Dia 23 – Estudo para catequistas do Setor Romão dos Reis, de 15:00 às 17:00, capela do Paraíso

Dia 24 – Estudo para catequistas do Setor Nova Viçosa, de 15:00 às 17:00, capela de Nova Viçosa

Agenda da Semana – 30/12/2011 a 01/01/2012

Sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro
14:00 Confissões
19:00 Missa Matriz de Fátima

Sábado, 31 de dezembro
19:00 Missa Matriz de Fátima

Domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2012
10:00 Missa Matriz de Fátima
11:00 Batizados
19:00 Missa Matriz de Fátima